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Maintenance 15 March 13:00 - 14:00!


15 March, 13:00 ~ 14:00 will be maintenance.

Download and Extract this Patcher if you can't enter in the game!

Fixed bad mix info for selected mastery mixes
Fixed enchant effect (glow) for selected mastery items (kundun & lemuria)
Fixed LW's and LM's Exclusive Equipment does not work properly
Fixed MuHelper does not auto-repair guardian items
Fixed attack increase for selected character classes while equipping 3rd wings and having activated 3rd skill tree wing relevant option
Fixed Personal Store search issue
Fixed party maintenance system sometimes not restoring party members properly
Fixed splash damage not working on selection of 4th skills
Fixed requirements of selected Summoner Books not working properly
Fixed Chaos Guild Charm Bound for Mastery Brilliant items not working
Fixed Bond buff stops to work when another player joins the party
Fixed visual problems for selected bound wings
Fixed Berserker skill does not increase attack speed
Fixed Sword Inertia attack issues
Fixed Dragon Violent skill behaviour & visual
Fixed 4th Wing Add Damage skill