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Maintenance 25 January 13:00 - 13:25!


25 January, 13:00 ~ 13:25 will be maintenance.

Download and Extract this Patcher if you can't enter in the game!

Added Bloodangel Staff in Luminous Wizard's Ruud Shop
Fixed targeted attack issue for selected skills
Fixed Unleash Marvel skill does not work in duel
Fixed Summoner third bound wings viewport
Fixed user does not spawn in safe zone after death in Kethotum maps
Fixed Mastery Pentagram Options decreasing ATK/DMG
Fixed game client stuck upon particular case of Lemuria character reset
Fixed required ingredients for Cloak of Innocence mix
Fixed Slayer MST skills (Weapon, Min/Max ATK Increase)
Added crash dump file generation to game client
Fixed Labyrinth event entry group info not displayed properly
Fixed Steel Armor skill of third tree not working
Fixed item sale price for selection of items, e.g. excellent socket pendants
Fixed selected muun option not increase elemental damage/defense