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Marry Christmas Event 24 December - 4 January!

Hello dear players!

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From 24 December ~ 4 January in game Special Event

You need to update your game client via Launcher or extract this Patcher manually

Christmas Event - Only on PvP Server

Cursed Goblins respawns in Devias every 30 Minutes
Starts from 00:00, 00:30, 01:00 and etc
Drop: Purple Chaos Box, Invitation to Santa's Village

Boss Cursed Santa respawn in Santa's Village every 1 Hour
Starts from 00:45, 01:45, 02:45 and etc
Drop: Invitation to Santa's Village (x10)

New Year Horse respawns in Santa's Village
Respawn Time after death 180 seconds
Drop: Purple Chaos Box (x1), Bless of Light (Low) (x1), 500 Ruud

AFK Farm
Purple Chaos Box added in drop from all monsters in all maps

Purple Chaos Box drops
x3 Jewels (Random)
x1 Bless of Light (Middle)
x1 Excellent Pendants and Rings
x1 Random Errtel Rank 1 (+0~+6)
x1 Guardian Enhanced Stone
x1 Rare Item Ticket I

Moss Merchant
Rare Item Ticket 1
Random Prize (x1)
x7 Jewels
x4 Guardian Enhanced Stone
x2 Elite Guardian Stone
x3 Three Vacancies
x3 Bless of Light (Middle)
x1 Rare Item Ticket 2

Rare Item Ticket 2
Random Prize (x1)
x10 Bless of Light (Greater)
x25 Guardian Enhanced Stone
x15 Elite Guardian Stone
x1 Elemental Talisman of Chaos
x1 Talisman of Chaos
x15 Three Vacancies
x1 Ancient Hero Soul
x1 Rare Item Ticket 3

Rare Item Ticket 3
Random Prize (x1)
x25 Bless of Light (Greater)
x10 Mysterious Stone
x1 Seal of Ghost Horse
x1 Garuda's Feather
x1 Rare Item Ticket 4

Rare Item Ticket 4
Random Prize (x1)
x1 Ice Dragon (2 Random Opt)
x1 Wings Lvl 4 + Luck (Random)
x1 Wings of Power + Luck (Permanent)
x1 Rare Item Ticket 5

Rare Item Ticket 5
Random Prize (x1)
x1 Ice Dragon (3 Random Opt)
x1 Ice Dragon Rare (2 Random Opt)
x1 Horn of Fenrir +Illusion (Gold)
x1 Jewel of Kundun
x1 Jewel of Kondar

After Event ends, all Rare Item Tickets will be removed from Vault & Inventories.